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9x10 Poolhouse/Playhouse


PLD Rentals

building Description

This building comes with Treated 4x6 skids, Floor joists 12” O.C. with 5/8" water sealed 5-ply plywood flooring, Wall studs 16” O.C., Professionally engineered trusses 24" O.C., (1) entry door w/glass, (4) 20×27 non-insulated windows with free shutters, LP SmartSide with SilverTech Siding and LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing, 40 Year Metal roof, wood porch posts, Overhangs all around for upscale appearance, and Premier ventilation (no leaky gable vents)

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Property Location

9200 S Traders Country Blvd, Daleville, IN 47334, USA

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