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Meet the crossroads family

We are a small family run and owned business. We want to help you find buildings that are high quality at
a reasonable price. We hear often from our customers
who have shopped around that Crossroads provides the best buildings at the best price.

Our buildings are built by four Amish builders with a commitment to quality workmanship who offer a multitude of different styles and sizes that are customizable in many ways. We also offer high quality carports, garages,
and agriculture buildings from the American Steel company.

One of our great passions is to help people live more simply and sustainably, and we have buildings that can help people get going with their plans/dreams. We also have staff that can direct you to resources to assist in your learning about sustainable living skills.

sustainable living solutions

We have a passion for sustainable living and want to support those who have a desire to establish a simpler lifestyle. We want to come along side you on your journey to become less dependent on complicated systems that ship food thousands of miles across the country. Many tell us they want to start growing and preserving their own food. They also tell us they want to eat local, and what’s more local than your backyard? We provide a variety of different sheds, garages, homesteads and buildings that help farmers big and small such as: chicken coops, greenhouses, buildings to house rabbits, cattle, horses, or goats. A multi-purpose combo building is a great option.

We hope to help you find buildings and other supplies that will assist you in reaching your sustainable living goals. In addition, we can refer you to learning resources for gardening and homesteading skills.

our staff

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Keith Betteridge
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garrett straton
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melody straton
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Joanna Ashley
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