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delivery & Returns

delivery POLICY

Wagler Mini Barns
Offers free delivery and installation up to 20 miles from flagship location. 
Wayco Structures & Barns Unlimited
Offers free delivery and installation up to 30 miles from flagship location. 
American Steel
Delivery and installation are included in price of building.

Return & Exchange Policy

Wagler Mini Barns, Wayco Structures, & Barns Unlimited

Buildings already delivered and paid for may not always be returned. Depending on the condition of the building, we may consider buying back the building to be sold again. Please contact us for more details. Order may be cancelled or exchanged for a different building if building has yet to be delivered. 

American Steel 

Prior to delivery - order can be subject to change. Buildings may not be returned after they have been delivered. Add-ons and extra customization to building can be purchased.

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