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* Some pictures may include add-ons - see our features section for what's included in standard package.

THE greenhouses


Classic Greenhouse

  • 6'9" wall height

  • (1) 36" entry door

  • Wood planner shelves on three sides with treated plywood

  • Clear poly carbonate roof sheeting

Combo Greenhouse

  • Same as Classic Greenhouse except:

  • 1/2 Greenhouse, 1/2 Workshop

  • (1) set of double entry doors

  • (1) 24"x32" window in storage area with trim and shutters 

  • (1) 36" door connecting greenhouse and work space


Cupolas, weather vanes, workbenches/shelves, custom doors & windows, flower boxes + MORE

classic greenhouse

Classic Greenhouse Pricing 10.21.22.jpg

combo greenhouse

Combo Greenhouse Pricing 10.21.22.jpg
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