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12x24 Super Barn

$6,973 NOW $6,516.82

Barns Unlimited

building Description

The Super Barn was designed for maximum cubic feet of storage. Our most popular shed because it has lots of space to add lofts, shelves, workbenches, extra windows and doors that can be on the end or on the sidewall. Add a cupola and weathervane or upgrade to classic doors to make it your own.

Standard build includes:
Treated 4x4 runners
Treated 2x4 joist 16” O
⅝ T & G LP Pro strut floor
16” OC wall studs
⅜” pre primed LP smart siding
16” OC 2x4 rafters with shingle roof
24” OC 2x4 rafters with metal roof
Two coats paint choice
Choice of 2 color paints
(1) 8x16 vent
(1) 18x27 window with shutters
Double doors with crossbucks
Keyed latch, standard hinges
3” wide Miratex Trim
All nail construction

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Property Location

9200 S Traders Country Blvd, Daleville, IN 47334, USA

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