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12x24 Barn Garage

Barns Unlimited

For Sale


building Description

This building comes with The Standard Garage starts off with the Super Workshop or Super Barn design. Then, an overhead door and heavy duty floor strong enough to hold a vehicle is added. Can be single wide or double wide (with Super Workshop) to have plenty of room for that special project. Add a porch on the side for a place to chill out and watch the sunset when the work's all done.

5-4x4 Runners 8” OC Treated Floor Joist
¾” T&G LP Legacy Flooring (Lifetime Warranty)
1-36” Wood Entry Door
2-24x36 Windows with Shutters
1-9x7 Non Insulated Overhead door
Roofs your choice-Shingles or Metal

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Property Location

9200 S Traders Country Blvd, Daleville, IN 47334, USA

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