12x16 Lofted Barn (Special Flooring)

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building Description

This building comes with (1) set of 6 panel double doors, (2) 2'x3' non-insulated windows with added shutters, Approx. 50% lofted space, 4'x4' treated runners with 3' apart, 2'x4' treated floor joist 16" on center (heavy duty 12" on center), Laux Guard flooring, Studs and rafters 16" on center, Double interlocking top plates for maximum strength, Nail holes and seams caulked, Felt paper on entire roof, Ridge vents, 72" wide doors, 7 ft walls, Diamond plate threshold, urethane siding, 40 yr warranty metal roof, and loft ladder.

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Property Location

9200 S Traders Country Blvd, Daleville, IN 47334, USA