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Horse Barn

Wagler Mini Barns


* Some pictures may include add-ons - see our features section for what's included in standard package

  • Classic Series

  • Treated 4x6 skids

  • Treated floor joists 12″ O.C. with 5/8" water sealed 5-ply plywood flooring

  • Wood posts & trusses 4′ O.C. w/ horizontal laterals 2′ O.C.

  • All sizes listed will have a 2’ extra roof overhang for blowing rain protection

  • All horse structures have heavy duty 4’ Bumper on walls

  • 29 ga. Baked-On Enamel Painted Metal Siding & Roofing

  • Wood sided horse barns available

  • No floor in horse area only. Tall divider walls

  • Includes sliding doors, manger and hay rack

  • Add tack room at approx. $18 per sq. ft. (includes floor, door and window)

  • Condensation barrier under roof

  • Premier ventilation (no leaky gable vents)

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